The Sankalp Pathology Lab is an ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) CERTIFIED Laboratory working since 15 yrs. Health Plan Consists of Basic Medical Investigation. This Plan is Recommended for every individual of all age to know his or her basic health status.

Basic Health plan

Complete Blood Count & ESR, 
Diabetic Screen (FBS,PPBS)
Lipid profile (Vital for the prevention of heart attack & Stroke)-Chol, TG, HDL, LPD, VLDL
Renal Screen (Creatinine),
Liver Screen (SGPT),
Urine Examination

Executive Health Plan

Basic Health Plan + (Urea, Billirubin, Protein, Alkaline PO4, Calcium, Phosphorus, TSH, Stool)

Special discounted Add On :

For infectious Disease            HIV ,HBsAg
For Hypertensive Patient       Na+,K+,Cl-
For Diabetic Patient               HBA1C, Urine Microabumin
For Men over 50 Yrs.             S. PSA

Diabetic  Care Plan
(CBA, ESR, FBS, PPBS, Creatinine, LipidProfile, HBA1C, Urine Microabumin)

Hypertensive Care Plan
(FBS, PPBS, Creatinine, Lipid Profile, Electrolytes, Urine R  Futhure-  VMA, TSH & FREE T4)

Arthritis (Joint) Care Plan
(CBS, ESR, RA Factor, Uric Acid, CRP, ASO,Titre)
Further : ANA, ANTI dsDNA

Anemia Profile
( CBC indices, P/S, Retic Count, Stool-R , Micro- Iron, Ferritine, TIBC, Macro- Vit B12, Folic Acid )

Infertility Profile

Fever Profile
(CBC,ESR, SGPT, Widal, Urine complete )

Kidney Profile
(CBC, Urea, Creatinine, Electrolyte, Urine R, Extended-Ca,PO4,Uric Acid,Protein, Alk PO4, Chol )

Liver(Hepatic) Profile
( CBC indices, SGPT, Billi, Alk, Proteins, PT, Gamma GT, HbsAg )

Our Laboratory

Our Laboratory